Hello Genies,


Well, this is it.  The last piece of unfinished business before our extended break.


A year ago, we began a journey called Dial D for Demo.  The idea was to release a song every month in 2011, resulting in 12 songs.


We did not exactly accomplish that.


Between full-time jobs, grad school, and other projects, we just could not get to recording at that rate during the year.  Instead, we only reached half that amount of songs over the course of a year.  We apologize for this delay, but it was certainly not for lack of trying that we didn’t hit our goal.


That said, we would now like to share the final Dial D for Demo song with you.  We are very proud of this track and hope that you found it worth the wait.  Enjoy below:



Well…that’s that.  We’ll be signing off for a while, but we will certainly keep you posted on happenings as they occur.  It’s been a great ride, folks, and we’ll see you all on the other side…


Go green,


BJ, Rory, Chad, and Jeremy


Hello genies,

As I’m sure you heard by now, the Green Genes will be going away for a while.  But fear not!  We are not breaking up.  We all just have a lot going on in our lives and need a breather and a chance to regroup.  We’re not yet sure what form the band will take once we reconvene, but we have some ambitious plans that we hope you’ll all enjoy.

However, this post isn’t good-bye.  We still have one more song from Dial D for Demo left to get to you (and we’re this close — as close as italics can possibly indicate — to completion on it).  Furthermore, we’re all regularly playing in other projects.  Aside from BJ’s Magnolia Music House, he and Jeremy are also in a band called Sports and Leisure (links and show info coming soon).  Chad is traveling back to the 80s in his tribute act Flashback, which is a band that not only is a lot of fun, but also allows things like this to happen…

Here is "Chad McFly" and Slash, who now plays bass for some reason. And McFly used to play guitar, too. Look, the 90s were hard on these guys, ok? Cut them some slack.

As for me, you can find me where ever Vox and the Hound is served (hint: you’ll be able to see BJ, Jeremy, and myself on the same bill very soon…stay tuned).

So while I’ll certainly write another post once our final Dial D for Demo song is completed, I figured you guys deserved something special for this post.  We deeply appreciate all of the support we’ve received from you over the years, and we hope to be back in the game sooner rather than later.  However, as a “see you later” gift, we have video from our “final” show at Saturn bar!  Video after this sentence…

“Black Eye”

“Fine Dining”

“Almost Infinite”

“Last Man Standing”

“Jenny’s Gone Fishing”

“Ruthie Goes to Rehab”

And our swan song of the night, “James Marsden”

Hope you enjoy the videos!  And for one of the last times (at least for a while)….

Go green,


That’s right, kids.  More details to come, but right now you need to worry about our extended farewell party..


TONIGHT at Carrollton Station –  I’ll be doing a “+1” with some familiar faces.  If you like old school Green Genes songs, this will be your last chance..


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 at Saturn Bar – This is the big shebang.  We’ll be opening for King Rey and Dark Water Hymnal.  Come out for one last rock show to say goodbye/see you later.


We’re not exactly breaking up, but I’ll get into those details more when the time comes.  Hope to see you out…


Go Green,





While we resume work on Dial D for Demo and get our next show in order, we figured we’d let you get to know us a little better via our brand-new bio, which follows our ongoing storyline.   Enjoy:

Jack is in pieces.  Broken marriage.  Unfulfilling job.  Unrequited romance.  Failing physical and metal health.  He wants to document his downfall before it is too late, before he is too far gone to do anything.  A journal seems cliché, and he doesn’t have the patience for short stories or novels.  He gets the idea to write songs about his trials.  Only one hiccup: he has no musical ability.  Jack decides to create a fictional band with a funny name that is a play on a favorite childhood character: The Green Genes.

Jack makes the band’s members not from the New Orleans area, but from the surrounding Metairie and West bank – just on the fringe of the party.  He ensures this theme of being on the outside looking in will be prevalent in the music. Jack creates vocalist/guitarist Rory Callais, lead guitarist/violinist Jeremy Peres, bassist BJ Blue, and drummer Chad Clements.  The first stabs at band songs take the form of the EPs Maybe It’s Me and Gritty Reboot.  However, writing songs in bunches proves to be too old-fashioned, so Jack decides to have his fictional band embark on a musical journey entitled Dial D for Demo, a year-long release that will see his band release one song at a time throughout 2011.  Currently halfway through this process, Jack is bracing himself for the more seedy aspects of his story he has yet to tell.

Jack designs the Green Genes as a hard rock band with elements of blues and post-punk to reflect the various moods of his story.  He wants the music of Dial D for Demo to reflect both the innocent, joyous awkwardness of his youth along with the darker, more mature consequences of his adult life.  The band has challenging, thought-provoking music that is also fun; Jack feels his story should come in subliminally, with “glue” for the story provided on the Green Genes’ bandcamp page, http://www.thegreengenes.bandcamp.com, and also on a band blog at http://www.the-green-genes.com.  His band “performs” with the likes of Enharmonic Souls, the Public, Happy Talk Band, Lovehog, Toast Beards, the City Life, and the Lobbyist.  But Jack mainly wants to tell his story.  He will be heard, even if it is the last thing he does.

‘Till next time…..

Go green,



Hello Genies,


While we hope that you are enjoying our latest release off of Dial D for Demo, we also have some news for you about our next public appearance.  Normally, this would be where I would let you know of our next show.


However, we are not playing a “show.”


What we will be doing is playing an “open rehearsal.”  What does that mean?  That means that we’ve been writing some new songs and that we will be using this show rehearsal to test drive these new songs in public.  That’s right, the songs are still works in progress, and we look forward to your input as the night progresses (so cheer if you like it and boo if you don’t — seriously, we can take it).


Info?  The performance rehearsal will be at Banks St. bar on August 20th.  Solid Fuzz (who I imagine IS playing a proper “show”) will open.  Facebook invite is here.  Come on out for a cheap night (NO COVER) and have a drink with us as you see what it’s like to be at a Green Genes practice (hint: it’s a lot of BJ insulting Jeremy.  And Chad.  And me.  And most likely you as well).


We’re currently looking at about six new tunes, so we’ll play some familiar stuff during the night as well.  However, the focus will be on the new songs, as this is not a show (I won’t even wear my green Chucks….really).


See you on the 20th!  And, as always….


Go green,



I'm not going to BS you -- I was reading a book for class and took this with my phone. Sue me*..... *(Please don't sue me)

Hello, Genies.

It’s that time again for us to release a new song from our ongoing Dial D for Demo!  This installment in the Jack saga is “Winter,” a pretty old song for us.  Written several band names ago, “Winter” has been done and redone many times over the years.  We feel we finally got it right this time.  Listen for yourself below…



Furthermore, in keeping our promise to provide with extra media for every song release, below is a “live” version of “Winter” recorded in our good friend Pete’s living room during the Gritty Reboot sessions.  It was originally a hidden track on that release, but now you can hear it standalone in all its miscued, forgotten-lyrics glory…



Stay tuned for a “show” announcement soon as well as some snazzy pictures of us!

Go green,


While we put the finishing touches on our next song, we’re also hard at work on the one after that, “Ruthie Goes to Rehab.”  We’re getting somewhat ambitious with the production on this one, but I felt I’d share some things with you to prove that we are, in fact, working….

For instance,  pictures!

The man who pulls it all together....

Noise, noise, and more noise

We’ll be in touch soon.  Promise…

Go green,